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Wednesday, December 7, 2005 was Remember Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony at the Island Club Walk of Honor at 10:30 am followed by refreshments at the Island Club.  Lexington WWII Veterans were introduced and honored. Master of Ceremonies was retired Air Force Colonel Milan Zimer.  Featured Speaker was retired Air Force Colonel Bob Manuel.  The LCA Board was represented by George Wertheim and two WWII Pacific veterans told of their experiences during WWII - Army vet Alek Strich and Navy vet Carl Etshman.  The ceremony started with a radio broadcast announcing the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and President Roosevelt's address to the nation.          (Photos by Ron McQuaide)

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Crowd at Remember Pearl Harbor Day - Dec 7, 2005 Color/Honor Guard  Rich Hill playing new Ceremonial Bugle Main Speaker - Retired Air Force Colonel Bob Manuel & family

Veterans Day 2005 - McQuaide 004f.jpg (17485 bytes)

Color/Honor Guard      


Friday, November 11, 2005 Veterans Day Ceremony was led by the Lee County Pipes and Drums and followed by your own Lexington Veterans Honor Guard.   The main speaker was to have been U.S. Congressman Connie Mack but he was unable to appear and his assistant filled in.   Joe Bruno, of Sarasota, joined us again on his golden trumpet for Taps and the National Anthem.  Lexington's own Ginny Mazzotti sang a couple of patriotic songs and led the audience in a rendition of God Bless America.  Master of Ceremonies was Marine Korean War Veteran Ben Polk.  (Photos by Milan Zimer and Howard Miller)

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Color/Honor Guard March In American Flag and POW/MIA Flag Ben Polk, Master of Ceremonies and Len Rubens Command Ernie Smith

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Crowd on Veterans Day - 2005 Color/Honor Guard Lee County Pipes & Drums Honor Guard Captain Rich Hill & Jay Burgess

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James Antonic & Ned Gamsky Ernie Smith introducing Rep Connie Mack's assistant Chaplin Stan Lazarczyk Color Guard Phil Loparo

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Trumpeter Joe Bruno playing Taps Ginny Mazzotti singing God Bless America    


Sunday, September 11, 2005 Patriot's Day ceremony at the Pine Ridge VFW started at 11 am.  Sheriff Mike Scott, Congressman Connie Mack, Commissioner Bob Janes, Cape Coral Mayor Eric Feichthaler and others spoke on the fourth anniversary of this tragic event.  VFW Post 10097 Commander Ken Patton presided and Adjutant Erich Risch organized the event.  The Lee County Pipes & Drums, VFW Color Guard, American Legion Color Guard, Sheriff's Dept Honor Guard and the Lexington Veterans Honor Guard participated in the large event.  A special moment occurred when the first NY voice "call in 10:13 - officer down" was broadcast...several fire engines started their motors and turned on their lights as two helicopters performed a fly over in remembrance of 9-11 four years ago. (Photos below by Ernie Smith and John Churchill) 

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Lee County Pipes & Drums Hill, Antonic, Ratliff, Gamsky, Kelley & Davis At Parade Rest Post 10079 Ladies Auxiliary President  Carolyn Hays & the Post's Color Guard

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At Parade Rest Present Arms in honor of those who gave their lives on 9/11 2001 Congressman Connie Mack addressing the crowd

Lexington Veterans Honor Guard marching off after ceremony


Memorial Day Ceremony - Monday, May 30, 2005 at 10:00am at the Main Clubhouse memorial flag site and featured the Lexington Veterans Honor Guard and the Lee County Pipes & Drums.  Well over 200 people attended.  The main speaker was Kara Moore, District Director from Congressman Connie Mack's office.  The winner of the Edison Community College "Freedom Is Not Free" scholarship contest was Amanda Reagan. The beautiful voice of Lexington resident Ginny Mazzotti filled the air with patriotic music.    Lexington's solemn version of Flanders Field honored Veterans of Lexington who are no longer with us.  It was a moving service with six departed brothers we lost in the past year joining the other 25 who departed in earlier years.  (Photos below by Duncan MacFarlane)

Lexington Veterans Honor Guard marching in Lee County Pipes & Drums Bass Drummer  Lexington's own Ginny Mazzotti

Commander Ernie Smith Welcoming - Assisting on the flag was new VFW Color Guard Capt. Erich Risch at Pine Ridge Post Honor Guard at Present Arms Ben Polk & Phil Loparo Rifle Detail at hand salute

Main Speaker Kara Moore from Congressman Connie Mack's office Vice Commander Paul Tenenbaum delivering the Prayer Edison Community College "Freedom Is Not Free" winner Amy Reagan Lexington Veterans Memorial Wreath

Vice Commanders Ben Polk & Phil Loparo placing wreath LCA President Bob Douglas Flag bearers Frank Burlingham & Bob Davis Ginny Mazzotti singing

Amazing Grace Pipes & Drums  Pipes & Drums Honor Guard in special drill


Commander Ernie Smith     Honor Guard marching through portico


Veteran's Gala Ball - Saturday, February 26, 2005 - This is the highlight event of the year for the veterans and their spouses.  Complete with Tuxes, Dinner Jackets, Suites and of course, the ladies' beautiful dresses.   Dancing to the big band sounds of the BrunoConnection - back by popular demand and featuring Trumpeter Joe Bruno and Drummer Eddie Graham.  Joe promised that Eddie would perform a drum solo that would put people on their feet. One veteran said, " I have seen Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa in person and this guy is better" Another said, "Eddie is well worth the price of admission".   In addition to the great music,  many prizes were raffled off during the evening thanks to the effort of Phil Loparo.  Ben Polk was Master of Ceremonies and the 2005 Officers along with uniformed representatives of the Navy and Marines were piped in by Piper George Cook to start the festivities.  (Photos below by Ned Shepard)

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Eddie & Ernie.jpg (32688 bytes)

Antonic's with Milwaukee friends Piping in the Officers & Military

Joe Bruno on trumpet

Eddie Graham on glasses...opps,

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Eddie on Drums Two WWII Vets exchanging stories Eleonore and Yong Chol Ahn  Danielle & Carl Etshman and Danielle's sister

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Gene and Mary Kasper Couple A Invited Marine just back from Iraq Navy sailor Todd Frey and his wife

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Dick and Mary Ann Geib Peter and Joan Prichard with friends from England Len and Judy Rubens with Conrad and Virginia Dunn George and Mary Schippereit

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Shepard.jpg (35003 bytes)

Commander Smith.jpg (21953 bytes)

Monica and Rich Hill Bill and Linda Ratliff Ned and Donna Shepard Commander Ernie Smith