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Friday, December 7 - Pearl Harbor Day at the Island Club "Walk of Honor" at 10:30 am -  Main speaker was Bill May, LCA Board Representative from Sommerset Villas and an Historian.  He showed his mettle as a Pearl Harbor Historian.  One woman in the audience said, "I thought I knew quite a bit about Dec 7th but Bill taught me a very thorough lesson and information I will never forget".  Bag Piper George Cook demonstrated his command of the pipes with "Scotland the Brave" and "Amazing Grace", and singer Alex Alexandro gave a stirring rendition of "God Bless the USA".  Lexington General Manager Al Kinkle and Marine Corps M/Sgt Peterson - an Iraq Veteran related touching stories about Dec 7, 1941.  The Lexington Veterans Honor Guard Rifle Team performed a nearly flawless  "Silent Drill" as one of the feature events.  Commander Ken Taylor and Vice Commander Ben Polk were co-Masters of Ceremony.  Refreshments followed in the Activities Center.  About a 125 patriotic people attended the event.  (Photos by Howard Miller and Bob Unser)

Walk of Honor Marker Display of some bricks Piper & Color/Honor Guard May, Polk & Taylor Gather

Bag Piper George Cook Alex Alexandro Sings Lexington GM Al Kinkle Silent Drill Team Performs

Commander Taylor &

Main Speaker Bill May

Marine Corps M/Sgt Peterson Speaks Vice Commander Ben Polk Polk awards Plaques to

Capt Simms & Marine Sgt Petersen

Color/Honor Guard March In Ready for March Out Alex sings "God Bless the USA" Audience at beginning



Sunday, November 11 Veterans Day Ceremony featured the Lexington Veterans Color/Honor Guard with The Lone Piper Addison Augusta.  There was a special tribute to World War II Veterans.  Lexington resident Alex Alexandro honored WWII veterans with a stirring rendition of "Before You Go".  Brief remarks by LCA President Bob Douglass and General Manager Al Kinkle preceded main speaker Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Ben Townsley.  He is a combat veteran of Somalia and the Afghanistan & Iraqi Wars while serving as a US Marine.  Commander Ken Taylor presided over the ceremony and was assisted by Vice Commander Ben Polk. ( Photos by Howard Miller and Adair Polk)

Ben Polk's Grandsons carry banner during March In

Drill Spin Flat Arms Guard March In Lexington Color/Honor Guard Commander Ken Taylor Opens Ceremony

WWII Vets & wives stand for special tribute to them Alex Alexandro sings "Before You Go" for WWII Vets Military Invitees - Coast Guard & Navy Vietnam Army Vet from Rochester NY here every year

Navy Chief raises flag to half staff LCA President Bob Douglas speaks Lexington General Manager Al Kinkle speaks Piper Augusta plays "Amazing Grace"

Vice Commander Ben Polk tells what we do for Disabled Vets Coast Guard Petty Officer Ben Townsley is Main Speaker Guard Vet Ron Hyers, Bernie Gdula, Frank Burlingham & Ron Ruff Marine Vet Ben Polk with Grandson Adair & Navy Chief Daryl M. Jenkins

Guard's Band of Brothers with Vietnam Vet Milan Zimer Piper Augusta leads march in Guards Ned Gamsky, Phil Loparo, Bernie Gdula & Ron Ruff Bag Piper & WWII Army Vet Addison Augusta


Monday, May 28, 2007 Memorial Day Ceremony -  This year's ceremony featured the Lexington Veterans Color/Honor Guard and the Lee County Pipes & Drums Corp and a special flag folding ceremony by the Honor Guard's Flag Detail while Commander Ken Taylor read what, historically, the 12 folds mean.  Main speaker was Gunnery Sergeant D. P. Peoples, USMC, who shared her thoughts regarding why "Freedom is Not Free".  She recently returned from her second tour of duty in Iraq.  She talked with passion about the need to assist today's severely wounded veterans and their families, many of whom are undergoing major hardships.   Edison College Senior Renee Papa won the Annual Edison College Scholarship awarded to the student who writes the best essay on "Why Freedom Is Not Free." She also gave an impassioned speech.  One of the great traditions of this ceremony is to honor Lexington's deceased veterans by the placing of the Crosses and the Stars of David in Flanders Field.  The field now numbers 41 who have passed away.  Audrey Harris sang the Star Spangled Banner and in a first...50 butterflies were released by General Manager Al Kinkle, who along with LCA President Bob Douglass (Army Lexington Veteran) spoke about the meaning of Memorial Day.  (Photos by Howard Miller)

Color/Honor Guard Marching in Edison College student Banner Guards Jen & Kathy Drill called High Rifles Lee County Pipes & Drums Marching in

Pipes & Drums Performing Rifleman Antonic & Flag Bearers Ruff & Burlingham Commander Ken Taylor with VC Tenenbaum & VC Polk Crowd watching ceremony

Audrey Harris singing Star Spangled Banner Marine Gunnery Sgt. Peoples with Tenenbaum, Taylor & Polk Flag Folding by Ruff, Miller, Tenenbaum & Burlingham Kathy & Jen place wreath as VC Polk watches on

GM Kinkle releases Butterflies Marine Gunnery Sgt Peoples - Iraq War Veteran Vice Commander Ben Polk Vice Commander  Paul Tenenbaum

Guard marching out Phyllis Kelley proudly points to her deceased husband's cross in Flanders Field 41 Crosses & Stars of David in Lexington's own Flanders Field Veterans' Wreath


Monday, February 19, 2007 was the scene of the Lexington Veterans Dinner/Dance for 2007.  Featuring the music of Double Dare, it was a fun evening.  People arrived to the superb sounds of Piper George Cook.  The vets were hosts to current military personnel of each branch of the Armed Forces and their wives.   In a ticket raffle drawing the Association raised over $200 for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund helping in the funding of a major rehab center for severely wounded returnees from Iraq and Afghanistan. (Photos by Howard Miller & Rich Hill)

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Commander Ken Taylor Vice Commanders Bernie Gdula & Ben Polk Ben introducing current military invitees Double Dare music

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VDD 20.jpg (28506 bytes)

Past Commander Rich Hill awarding Vice Commander Phil Loparo Certificate of Appreciation Past Commander Rich Hill awarding Vice Commander Ben Polk Certificate of Appreciation David & Kathleen Johnston.  Dave is the new Sutton Walk LCA Representative Honor Guard member Bob Davis & wife Betty

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VDD27.jpg (17347 bytes)

VDD 15.jpg (18940 bytes)

Dr. John Churchill & wife Nancy Honor Guard member Frank Burlingham & wife Lois Al & Pat Gunderson Commander & Claire Taylor

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VDD 31.jpg (21275 bytes)

VDD 38.jpg (17600 bytes)

VDD 41.jpg (21647 bytes)

Chaplin Rt. Rev. Stan Lazarczyk & wife Yvonne Polk family of Marines Vice Commander & Honor Guard member Bernie Gdula & wife Monica  

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DSC00478.jpg (14006 bytes)

DSC00474.jpg (15545 bytes)

VDD 32.jpg (21059 bytes)

Lone Coast Guard Veteran Ned Shepard Honor Guard members James Antonic & Peter Prichard OBE with wives Irene & Joan Dancing up a storm  Public Relations Officer Howard Miller & wife Fran


Saturday evening, February 17, and windy cool it was jacket time.  And a new wrinkle for the Lexington Veterans Color/Honor Guard.  The sparkling addition of two young female students from Edison College as Banner Guards.  Participating Bill Ratliff, James Antonic, Ken Taylor, Ron Hyers, Bernie Gdula, Jay Burgess & Peter Prichard OBE       (photos by Rich Hill)

The lineup featuring the Edison College women - Renee & Jan Four new recruits - l to r: Ken Taylor, Ron Hyers, Bernie Gdula & Peter Prichard OBE Banner Guard Jan and Honor Guard Captain James Antonic Back at Lexington having a well deserved round

 Music: US Air Force Band - "Invercargill"