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Monday, May 26th - 10:30 am Memorial Day Ceremony at the Main Clubhouse Flagpole commanded one of the largest crowds in Lexington's history.  Perhaps the news that this Memorial Day would feature a totally different approach than past years accounted for the crowd. Featuring the Lexington Color/Honor Guard & the Lee County Pipes & Drums and   a very special presentation of the Star Spangled Banner that reportedly left not a dry eye in sight the ceremony moved to the flag folding ceremony and planting of the crosses and Star of David in Flanders Field. Sprinkled throughout the ceremony was  patriotic music by Alex Alexandro, and two solo members of the Cape Coral Elementary School Choir. In addition, we heard brief remarks by the new LCA President Lou DeAngelis, himself a former Marine and the Edison Annual Scholarship winner, Monica Wilson.  Even the Luncheon featured some special events.  (photos by Ed Unser, Dave Capel, and Howard Miller)

Lexington Honor Guard Lee County Pipes & Drums Present Arms for National Anthem Cape Coral Elementary School singers Torres & Barrios with choral teacher Dorothy Graham Paul Tenenbaum                   delivering Prayer

HG Flag Folding Ceremony Sailor & Marine in Salute Lexington's Flanders Field Current Military at Salute HG at Present Arms Hand Salute for each of the Lexington deceased veterans

Indeed, Freedom Is Not Free Ron Ruff saluting Flanders Field As he placed each cross - a salute Lexington crowd under tent Golfers by the dozens showed in golf carts - good way to witness the ceremony

More of the large audience Cape Coral Elementary School Soloist Carlos Torres Cape Coral Elementary School Soloist Patricia Barrios Lexington's own Alex Alexandro singing "God Bless the USA" Edison College Scholarship Winner Monica Wilson on why "Freedom Is Not Free"

New LCA President & Marine Veterans Lou DeAngelis Iraq Veterans Marine Gunny Peterson & Marine Sgt St. Pierre with Navy Recruiter assisted in the Memorial Day Event Commander Ken Taylor reviewing program with Alex Alexandro New addition to Veterans events is the POW-MIA table Commander Ken Taylor Presents Veterans widow Libby Hart with special plaque for her major support of veterans.  Eleonore Ahn also received one for her major support.


Friday, April 11, 2008 saw the beginning of a new event for the Veterans.  A social outing at the Island Club that was well attended and by the looks on the faces of those participating a lot of fun was had.  Larry Valentine provided the music.  Lots of fine photos by Howard Miller and while I can identify quite of few of you, I thought I would not chance the rest of you, so look for yourselves.  To enlarge the photo just click on the one you want and it will grow.  When you have seen enough go up to the left corner of your screen and click the browser to take it back to the small version and so on.



Veterans Ball on Saturday, February 23, 2008 was a great success with about 80 people attending.  Special awards were given to Ben Polk for his long and outstanding service to the Vets Association; to Paul Tenenbaum for his four years of excellent service as Treasurer (his acceptance of the award was duly noted as a 4 year re-enlistment) and to Bishop Stan Lazarczyk for his four + years as our Chaplin (we will miss Stan and his wife, Yvonne when they will soon be moving back to New England).  The 50-50 Raffle was won by Betty Hellner, widow of WWII Veteran Bob Hellner, Sr. and the mother of Monica Hill.  In the grateful tradition of giving half her winnings back to the Veterans Fund to benefit the wounded warriors, we thank Betty. We missed VC Howard Miller  & Fran and Ambassador Yong Chol Ahn &  Eleonore (both men out with recent surgery). The evening was emceed by Commander Ken Taylor. The enjoyment of dancing to the music of Double Dare was obvious as the dance floor was full throughout the evening.  The evening started with the traditional Scottish piping in of the Veteran's officers.  (photos by Claire Taylor, Rich Hill, Ned Sheppard and George Schippereit)

Piper George Cooks leads the procession Commander Ken Taylor emcees Past Commander & HG Captain  Rich Hill        introduces the Honor Guard Vice Commanders in review: r to l: Ron Ruff, Bernie Gdula, Phil Loparo, Paul Tenenbaum & Rich Hill

Ben Polk receives Outstanding Service Award VC & HG member Ron Ruff & friend of the family HG member Bill Ratliff & wife Linda Bishop Stan Lazarczyk & wife Yvonne

HG member Ned Gamsky & wife Joan HG member Jay Burgess & wife Shay HG member George Semenek & wife Linda VC & HG member Phil Loparo & wife Liz

HG member Bud Passini & wife Bernice HG member James Antonic & wife Irene HG member Ron Hyers & wife Helyn HG member Peter Prichard OBE & wife Joan

VC & HG member Bernie Gdula & wife Monica HG member Frank Burlingham & wife Lois Commander & HG member Ken Taylor & wife Claire Past Commander & HG Captain Rich Hill & wife Monica
Photos of other Veterans couples and friends.  We may have missed a few couples and for that we are sorry.  Hard to know with people dancing and moving around talking to one another.  If you would like an email copy of your photo, please email me at





Saturday evening, February 16, 2008.  Temperature at 74 degrees, everyone...all 250,000 spectators ready to roll.  And The 2008 Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade participants set to roll.  Drum roll and march.  This was the third time The Lexington Veterans Color/Honor marched in this parade.  This time the Silent Rifle Drill Team performed in front of the downtown grand stand but with backs to the camera and again at the Stadium 2 miles away.  Cheers, and loud spectator voices cheering us along the route..."thank you for your service"..."you guys are the greatest"..."God Bless the Troops"..."Go, Lexington"..."God Bless the USA"...and so it went all night long.  Participants - Len Rubens, George Semenek, Jay Burgess, Ron Ruff, Ken Taylor, Peter Prichard OBE, Rich Hill, Bernie Gdula, Ron Hyers, Bill Ratliff &Bud Passini.                   (photos & transportation by Jake Kaleel)

Color/Honor Guard at Lexington - new recruits for the Edison Parade - Ron Ruff, George Semenek & Bud Passini    Getting ready to roll in Division 1 Line up from the left side Line up from the right side

Marching behind Rolling Thunder Close the downtown grandstand Several great floats Two hours later back at Lexington


Sharing old war stories     Another look at the same group