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 Pearl Harbor Day was the coldest day in recent memory and yet well in excess of 125 people attended the ceremony at the Island Club "Walk of Honor". Main features included  the Cypress Lake HS JROTC Exhibition Drill Team as well as the LVA Silent Rifle Drill Team.  Their JROTC Color Guard presented the Colors. Main speaker was Cypress Cove resident and WWII Navy pilot Phil Baker who served with distinction in the Pacific.  He flew off the carriers USS Lexington and USS Randolph.  Middle school student Julia Kaye sang the National Anthem and another patriotic song.  She is the granddaughter of former Lexington residents Fran and Howard Miller.  Alex Alexandro also sang during the ceremony.  Piper George Cook played "Amazing Grace" and the led the march in and march out.  All Lexington WWII  veterans were recognized. (Photos by Barbara Swanson)

Phil Loparo, George Semenek & Bud Passini  sharing a laugh Cypress Lake HS JROTC Color Guard & Rifle Drill Team March in led by Piper George Cook

Piper, Cypress Lake HS JROTC & LVA Honor Guard standing by

Piper Cook playing "Amazing Grace" CLASS JROTC Color Guard Marching to position

Lexington's Alex Alexandro singing Commander Ron Ruff, VC/Chaplin Paul Tenenbaum & Past Commander Ken Taylor Middle School student Julia Kaye singing The National Anthem

Speaker & WWII Navy Pilot Phil Baker telling his story about the war in the Pacific Ben Polk, Commander Ruff, Honor Guard Captain & Past Commander Rich Hill conferring before the ceremony  


Veterans Day Ceremony- Theme was the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War and main speaker was Republic of Korea Army Colonel Kim, Soo-Seong - senior ROK military representative to CentCom in Tampa.  Colonel Kim brought his wife, Miae and his Pastor, Norma and her husband, Don, who is a WWII Marine Corps Veteran. The outstanding 100 children elementary choir from Allen Park school under the direction of Dorothy Graham sang The National Anthem and three patriotic songs.   The Fort Myers HS "Green Wave" Drum Line performed and provided the march in drum beat for the LVA Color/Honor Guard.  We were also privileged to have the 5 Service Flags carried by Marine Poolies.  Lexington resident Marilyn Kleinknight recited a beautiful poem about the sacrifices of the military.  The audience had a few laughs when retired Marine Sgt Ben Polk did a comical inspection of the Rifle team followed by a heavily applauded Silent Rifle Drill by the team of 10. Colonel Kim not only gave an informative understanding of how important the US and UN intervention was in 1950 but informed the 500 plus audience how South Korea has prospered over those 60 years into a global economic power, one of the most influential countries in the world and that has helped many other nations in crisis situations.  In typical Korean reverence Colonel Kim transfixed the audience by kneeling on hands and knees and kissed the ground and remarked "God Bless the USA".  In his typical warm hearted personality he also called all Korean War Veterans to the front and personally thanked each with a handshake and hug.  At the luncheon he and his wife sang a famous Korean song with beautiful voices. (Photos by Barbara & Bruce Swanson - Monica Gdula - Beth Huff - Tammy Kern - Cindy Roepke & Miae Kim)

Green Wave Drum Line Marching In - on right newest member of Color/Honor Guard Dick Deters on rifle 100 member elementary choir from Allen Park School & Director Dorothy Graham Super kids from Allen Park Elementary School Choir

LVA Banner and Five Service Flags Main Speaker ROK Army Colonel Kim, Soo-Seong & wife, Miae Commander Ron Ruff with Ben Polk in his original Marine Corps uniform

Youngest member of largest audience ever at LVA event Silent Rifle Drill Team ready to perform Fort Myers HS "Green Wave" Drum Line performing

Past Commander Rich Hill, Commander Ron Ruff & Colonel Kim in Korean War Exhibit Col Kim & wife, Miae with Rich Hill looking at photos of Yong Chol Ahn Only WWII member of Color Guard - Al Kuznicki

Colonel Kim & his wife Miae and his Pastor, Norma & her husband Don, a WWII Marine Corps Veteran Rifle team at Parade Rest Flag Detail Ken Taylor & Al Kuznicki

Lexington Veterans Color/Honor Guard Marching with Green Wave Drum Line Commander Ron Ruff, Ben Polk and Vice Commander Paul Tenenbaum Dorothy Graham and her choir

Rifleman James Antonic at Present Arms Notice how Ben changed his uniform from the one above Rifle team at Parade Rest

Marine Corps Poolies carrying the 5 Service Flags Colonel Kim thanking the Korean War Veterans for their service to his country Ben Polk flanked by Don and Norma Lambertson.  Don is a WWII Marine Corps Veteran and Norma is the Pastor of Col Kim's church in Tampa
Past Commander and Honor Guard Captain Rich Hill with Colonel Kim Great voices from the Allen Park Elementary School Choir Rich Hill with his pet project - The Korean War Exhibit.  The Exhibit was on for two days and over 250 people visited the Exhibit




Memorial Day Ceremony -  Featured the Lee County Pipes & Drums, The Lexington Veterans Honor Guard, The US Marine Corps Poolies Unit and the US Marine Corps Recruiting Station Personnel.  Vocals by Middle School student & Pride & Patriotism Soloist, Julia Kaye, grand daughter of Fran & Howard Miller and by Lexington Resident Alex Alexandro.  We also heard from the "Freedom Is Not Free" Scholarship Winner, Bea Wagoner, from Edison State College and LCA President Bill Farley and LCA General Manager Al Kinkle.  The main event was the solemn remembrance and placing of Crosses and Stars of David in the LVA Flanders Field of those veterans who have passed away.  A patriotic luncheon followed.  (Photos by Dave Capel, Howard Miller, and Lottie Kuznicki)

LVA Color/Honor Guard followed by Lee County Pipes & Drums Piper US Marines honoring the flag

LCA Flanders Field Large audience attended ceremony Another part of audience...note WWII Veterans

Ben Polk and Marine Sargeants maintaining vigil over Flanders Field Honor Guard Captain Rich Hill playing Taps US Marine Sargeants folding the American Flag

Five Marine Poolies with their Marine Sargeants Five Marines Poolies carrying the five service flags Four old Vets

Julia Kaye singing the National Anthem Commander Ron Ruff talking about the meaning of Memorial Day LCA resident Alex Alexandro singing a patriotic song

Lee County Pipes and Drums Five Marine Poolies ready to march out Commander Ruff presenting Singer Julia Kaye with flowers

Edison State College Student Scholarship Recipient Bea Wagoner Honor Guard at Parade Rest Flagman Al Kuznicki receiving the Honor Guard Medal with wife Lottie



Veterans celebrate the end of season with their annual Social bash at the Island Club.  Music was provided by Alex Alexandro along with some Karaoke specials as depicted in some of these pictures.  Lots of good food and drink and a merry time was had by all. (photos by Howard Miller)



Saturday evening February 20, 2010 at 7 pm - this was a tough march this year because two of our guards got sick hours before the parade and couldn't march, plus others were recovering from injuries, etc., so for the first time only 5 could march.  The banner was held by two Marine Poolies since we worked with the Marine Recruiting Group in the parade.

LVA Color/Honor Guard - front row: L- Jay Burgess, Ron Ruff, Ron Hyers              back row: L - Acting HG Captain Bernie Gdula & George Semenek U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Non- Coms followed by Humvee Close up of the four Marines


Saturday evening January 30, 2010 at 6:00 pm was the kickoff of the Lexington Veterans Annual Ball in the Vista Room.   When you checked in you were treated to cocktails and some yummy appetizers and then at 6:45pm came the military band sounds that led the LVA Officers in a march in.   The Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, an understanding of the Missing Man table and  the Armed Forces Medley plus a few words from Commander Ruff before dinner.  Double Dare took over for some dinner music before the dance scene began after dinner.  As before in past years, it again was a gala affair.  Conducted by Vice Commander Paul Tenenbaum the big raffle drawing occurred for the $1000, $750 and $500 saving bonds.    (Photos by Ned Sheppard and Howard Miller)

Introduction of Officers: l to r- Commander Ron Ruff; Phil Loparo; Rich Hill; George Semenek; Paul Tenenbaum; Howard Miller; Bernie Gdula Commander Ron Ruff Vice Commander Paul Tenenbaum announcing the Raffle winners  

The music of Double Dare Monica & Bernie Gdula having a great time Jake and Marilyn Kaleel  

Gerald & Marilyn Mader Ned & Donna Shepard Chet & Elaine Diercks  

Looks like YMCA on the dance floor Delphine & Marv Borycki Mary & Gene Kasper  

Front row: Ken Taylor & John Nappi - Back row: Gene Pritchard & Pete Read Joan Pritchard; Joanne Nappi; Carole Read and Claire Taylor Jay & Shay Burgess  

Bud & Bernice Passini Phil Loparo & his old buddy from Mentor, Ohio - Army Veteran Mac Preske First Lady Pam Ruff  

Joan Gamsky & Lottie Kuznicki Ron Hyers, Joe Laspina, Al Binger & Nick Todoroff Jim & Audrey Harris  

Monica Gdula, Carol Binger, Zelma Todoroff, Jean Laspina & Helyn Hyers Mac & Jan Preske with long time friend, Liz Loparo Mary Schippereit & Frana Brown  

Commander Ruff presenting LVA founder Rich Hill a watch Howard & Fran Miller The one in the white shirt is George Semenek better known as the Slider Guard with his wife, Linda

Al & Pat Gunderson Millie & Jann Mannik Julie & Mike Szminski

Pete & Joan Hackett Nancy & Jack Bunton Joan & Ned Gamsky

Dianne & Phil Bommarito To the right of the Taylor's was the Dancing Couple of the evening Claire & Past Commander Ken Taylor

George "Slider Guard" Semenek

Monica Gdula giving Vice Commander Phil Loparo advice Mac Preske giving Vice Commander Bernie Gdula advice