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Boyd C. Bartlett

 Lieutenant - U.S. Navy

Active Duty 1943 - 1946 -- Reserves 1946 - 1958



  • Boyd Bartlett joined the U.S. Navy in early 1943 as a cadet to become a Naval Aviator.  He first attended the University of Pennsylvania in Prep Flight followed by the University of Georgia in Pre Flight & NAS - Memphis, Tennessee in Primary Flight Training, then abroad the Carrier USS Ranger as a Carrier qualified pilot & then to NAS Opalacka (Miami), Florida for Advanced Flight Training. After WWII he was in the Naval Reserves at NAS Minneapolis - from Aug 1946 thru May 1958 for weekend flying and qualified as an F6F & F4U jet fighter pilot.  In civilian life he was employed by John Deere & Company for 40 years during which time he rose through the ranks to become President & Chief Operating Officer.  He was married to Joyce Sanborn for 55 years.  She passed away in 2000.  He married LaVonna Kiesele in 2001.  Boyd was 82 years of age.

  • He and his wife, LaVonna, spent their winters in the Waterford neighborhood here at Lexington.


Boyd C. Bartlett passed away on March 4, 2008 at Trinity Medical Center in Rock Island, Illinois and is buried in the Moline Memorial Park.