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This page honors those veterans who came to Lexington and have since passed away.  Since Lexington is a young community, most did not have much time to enjoy life here.  Not a fair exchange at all when you consider how much each gave to ensure our freedom and our great way of life.

Eulogy for a Veteran

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the Gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the mornings hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

~Author Unknown




"Fading light dims the sight,     And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright.                    From afar drawing nigh -     Falls the night.

"Day is done, gone the sun,   From the lake, from the hills,  from the skies                        All is well, safety rest,         God is nigh.

"Then good night, peaceful night,  Till the light of the dawn shineth bright,                      God is near, do not fear       Friend, good night."





" The human heart yearns for peace and love and freedom. Peace heals, elevates, and invigorates the spirit."
~ Dr. Michael DeBakey*

To view full military record please click on person's name. 

Yong Chol Ahn - South Korean Army - Korean War

Harold Baeverstad - U.S. Army - WWII

Boyd Bartlett - U.S. Navy - WWII

Donato Bernadone - U.S. Air Force - Korean War

Earl H. Beswick - U.S. Navy (Seabees) - WWII

Robert J. Bird - U.S. Air Force - WWII

Robert S. Bird - U.S. Air Force - WWII

John L. "Tex" Burns - U.S. Army - WWII

Phillip M. Burrows - U.S. Navy - WWII & Korean War

Glenn R. Butters - U.S. Army - Cold War

Rose V. Callahan - U.S. Air Force Nurses Corps - WWII

Bernard F. Casady - U.S. Navy - WWII

Joseph Chudnoff - U.S. Army - WWII

Victor Colway - U.S. Army - WWII

John E. Cronin - U.S. Navy - Korean War

Liborio "Libby" Curcuru - U.S. Navy -  WWII

Melvin A. Dachs - U.S. Army - Cold War

Carlos R. Deremo - U.S. Air Force - WWII

Nicholas Discenzo - U.S. Army Korea

Dennis Dougherty - U.S. Army - Cold War

Conrad P. Dunn - U.S. Army - Korea - Cold War

Donald Eckhardt - U.S. Marine Corps -  Korea

Carl Etshman, Jr. - U.S. Navy - WWII

Scott Estabrook - U.S. Marine Corps - Vietnam

William R. Findley - U.S. Army - WWII

Edward D. Flynn - U.S. Army - Cold War

Woodring Fryer - U.S. Navy - WWII

John Garlicki - Polish Army - WWII

Wayne F. Gibbs, Jr. - U.S. Navy - WWII

Harry W. Goodwin - U.S. Army - WWII

Jeanne H. Gordon - U.S. Army - WWII

James Harris - British Army - Korean War

Frank Hammond - U.S. Army - WWII

Wesley M. Hart - U.S. Army - WWII

Robert J. Hellner, Sr. - U.S. Army - WWII

Frank B. Holowicki - U.S. Navy - WWII

William J. Hurley - U.S. Army - WWII

Dominic Jemella - U.S. Army Air Corps - WWII

Robert Kelley, Sr. - U.S. Army - Korean War

Alan G. Klitzkie - U.S. Army - Cold War

Edward Krautheim - U.S. Navy - WWII

Leon Lapidus - U.S. Army - WWII

Joseph J. Leonard - U.S. Air Force - WWII

Michael Lynch - U.S. Navy - WWII

Gerald Mader - U.S. Navy - WWII

William Joseph Marsh - U.S. Marine Corps - Cold War

Karl B. Miller - U.S. Army - WWII

Donald Moelter - U.S. Army - Korea

Richard Morgan - U.S. Army - WWII

William Myers - U.S. Air Force - WWII

Elmer Ostermeyer - U.S. Army - WWII

Fred Pagura - U.S. Army Korea

Bernard Rachlin - U.S. Army Air Force WWII

Carl Richey - U.S. Army - Cold War

Charles Ricketts - U.S. Army - Korea

 Sam Riggs - U.S. Air Force - WWII

Kenneth Rose - U.S. Army WWII

Edmund T. Scallon - U.S. Army WWII

Jack Shervin - U.S. Air Force - Cold War & Vietnam

Ralph B. Smith - U.S. Army - WWII

Ted Sporing - U.S. Navy - Korean War

Joseph F. Simonis - U.S. Marine Corps - WWII & Korea

Clarence "Bert" Snyder - U.S. Army - Cold War & Korean War Era

Paul Stivers - U.S. Air Force - Cold War & Vietnam

Louis Szabo - U.S. Marine Corps - WWII

Dr. William J. Tevlin - U.S. Army - Cold War

Maurice Larry Valentine - U.S. Navy - Vietnam

Robert Vissers - U.S. Marine Corps - Cold War

Miles M. Vondra, Jr. - U.S. Marine Corps - WWII & Korean War

Pinkney C. Walker - U.S. Navy - WWII

William Wenner - U.S. Navy - Korea

John Wenrich - U.S. Army - Korea

Seth Wheeler - U.S. Army - WWII

William E. Wilder - U.S. Navy (Retired) - Korea

Robert W. Wildey - U.S. Army - WWII - Cold War

John "Jack" Woods - U.S. Army -  Cold War

Henry Zemel - U.S. Army - WWII




I wish every day I could turn back time, Back to the days of yours and mine. The last thing I wanted was for us to part,

But I know you remain within my heart, I see God's might show in the sky,

And I know you soul did not die. Though your body did depart, Our love and bond will never part. And I know your light will lead me there, And then that love again we'll share.

I just can't believe you're truly gone, But I know from Heaven you still look on.

I just hope that I make you proud, I'd give anything just to hear a sound, To know you're there watching me,

And to know my do see. I know where you went the day you died;

And I know you saw the way I cried. So up in Heaven I hope it's bliss, And that's the place I mustn't miss.

So lead me, Grandpa, away from sin, So Heaven's a place we'll meet again. So I'll see you the day my tears run dry, For that's the day that I will die. Show me the light so I won't be scared,

And thanks for letting me know you always cared...

I miss you, Jared

Wrote in loving memory of his grandfather, Raymond Bisley,  Jared  Burns is 16.

This touching poem could apply to every Grandfather and every Grandson & Granddaughter.


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*This visionary also developed the Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals (M.A.S.H.) concepts for the military, saving thousands of lives during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

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