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Bernard Rachlin

Petty Officer - U.S. Navy

1943 - 1945

World War II

U.S. - Pacific Theater


1943-45 Engineering officer  B-24 Heavy Bomber Squadron China, Burma, India, 436th Heavy Bomber Squadron, 7th Bomber Group, 10th U.S. Air Force located outside of Calcutta, India

As the Engineering Officer, Bernie and his crew were responsible for the maintenance of 12 B-24 Liberator Bombers.  Bombed targets in Mandaly and Rangoon in Burma;  Andaman Islands; and Bangkok in Thailand.  Converted Bombers into Tankers during Monsoon seasons of 1943 and 1944 to provide aviation fuel for the 14th U.S. Air Force in China.  Flew the longest flights in the Air Force before the onset of the B-29s.  Their Bombers flew without Fighter escort. 

He and his wife, Carole, lived in in the Villa Homes for several years before moving to Atlanta, Georgia.




Bernard Rachlin passed away in Atlanta, Georgia in January of 2010.  Memorial Services were held at Hope Hospice.