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Einar S. Dahl


Branch of Service: U.S. Army 

Years of Service:  1948-1951 

Final Rank: Corporal



Tours of Duty

  • Ft. Riley, Kansas - Basic Training

  • Ft. Lewis, Washington

  • Ft. Ord, California

  • Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana




Warfare Specialization

  • 60 mm mortars



Significant Experiences

  • I volunteered in July of 1948 to participate in a special program by the U.S. Army for 18 year olds for a 1 year tour of active duty followed by a 5 year commitment to reserve training

  • After completion of basic training I was shipped to Ft. Lewis and was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division.  I was a squad leader with the 60 mm mortars.  After fulfilling my active service commitment I returned home to continue my five year reserve training commitment.  My reserve unit was called to active duty due to the Korean Conflict with the majority of the unit shipped to Korea.  A few of us were sent to data processing school at Ft. Benjamin Harrison near Indianapolis, Indiana.