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Chester W. Diercks, Jr.


Branch of Service: U.S. Army 

               Years of Service: 1945 - 1947                 

Final Rank: 1st Lieutenant



Tours of Duty

  • Camp Fanin, Texas - Basic Infantry Training

  • Fort Benning, Georgia - Officers Candidate School - Infantry -                 2nd Lt. Platoon Leader

  • Camp Wolters, Texas - Training Officer

  • 42nd Infantry Division (Rainbow) - Salzburg, Austria - Security Detachment Prisoner of War Camp

  • Military Government of Austria - Salzburg, Austria - Admin Officer



Warfare Specialization

  • Infantry

  • Military Government of Austria

  • Corps of Engineers - Reserve



Significant Experiences

  • Personnel Officer and Executive Officer of Large Prison Camp (10,000) all political prisoners or high ranking non-coms and officers of the Germany Army

  • Administrative Officer - Military Government of Austria; worked on the re-establishment of commerce in Austria