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Joe Goldberg


Branch of Service: U.S. Navy 

Years of Service:  1953-1957 

Final Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class - Yeoman



Tours of Duty

  •    U.S.S. Redpoll - AMS 57* - U.S. East Coast Locations               

  • Recommissioning at Portsmouth, Virginia - Shakedown at Norfolk, VA

  • SACLANT NATO Headquarters - Norfolk, Virginia

*  U.S.S. Redpoll - formerly AMS 57, was reclassified prior to decommissioning and redesignated as MSCO-57



Warfare Specialization

  • Yeoman




Significant Experiences

  • U.S.S. Redpoll - Naval Minecraft Base at Charleston, SC training foreign Naval Officers and crew to which minesweepers were given by the U.S. Training exercises at Key West resulting in "E" and assignment of ship to Yorktown Minecraft Training Center for U.S. Navy officers and crews at Yorktown, VA.

  • SACLANT, NATO - Administrative Secretary to Chief of Budget and Finance with Top Secret clearances for U.S. and NATO.