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John L. "Tex" Burns

Tech 5 - U.S. Army

1946 - 1948

World War II

U.S. - Germany


Tex Burns served in the US Army toward the end of World War II and continued on to 1948 with the occupation of Germany.  His duty stations were in Fort Bragg, North Carolina - Infantry Training; Fort Riley, Kansas - Photo Interpretation School; Wetzler, Germany - Constabulary Training & Fulda, Germany - Constabulary Training; Hersfeld, Germany - Constabulary Duty, 22nd Constabulary Squadron & Hersfeld, Germany - I&E Instructor.

During the late part of WWII Tex was a Photo Interpreter and after the war served in  Constabulary Duties where he and his Squadron made raids on DP Camps, did Highway Patrols on the Autobahn, made a show of Force through German Towns and was an I&E Instructor with the 22 Squadron at Hersfeld.


Tex was an enthusiastic member of the Lexington Veterans Association.  He and his wife, Jean, lived in the Waterford Condos at Lexington and in Virginia during the summer.



John "Tex" Burns passed away in Virginia on July 21, 2010. 




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