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Kenneth H. Rose


Branch of Service: U.S. Army  

Years of Service: 1942 - 1946 

Final Rank: Captain












Tours of Duty

  • France

  • Germany

  • Bavaria

  • Austria












Warfare Specialization

  • Infantry





Significant Experiences

  • Enlisted July 17, 1942 and entered the 95th Infantry Division in Austin, Texas

  • December 1942 entered O.C.S. and graduated March 1943.

  • Finally went to Europe in September 1944 in action with the 44th Infantry Division.  Landed in Cherbourg and proceeded in combat with C.H. 3rd. Battalion - Machine Gun Platoon.  Spent the winter fighting the Nazis and living in fox holes  at one time 60 days without a change of clothes.  Many battles with many of my young soldiers killed.  

  • Finally ended combat in the Tyrol Mountains of Austria.  Our division was the first to cross the Rhine River and also kicked back.  A lot of fighting with many close calls but I never got hit by artillery, mortars, small arms or land mines.  I  had a guardian angel.  Received several awards for gallantry, battle field promotion and the combat infantry badge.  It was hell.