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Kenneth Rose

Captain - U.S. Army

1942 - 1946

World War II

U.S. - European Theater - France, Bavaria, Austria & Germany 



  • Enlisted July 17, 1942 and entered the 95th Infantry Division in Austin, Texas

  • December 1942 entered O.C.S. and graduated March 1943.

  • Went to Europe in September 1944 in action with the 44th Infantry Division.  Landed in Cherbourg and proceeded in combat with C.H. 3rd. Battalion - Machine Gun Platoon.  Spent the winter fighting the Nazis and living in fox holes.  At one time Ken went 60 days without a change of clothes.  He endured many battles with many of the young soldiers under his command killed.  

  • Finally ended combat in the Tyrol Mountains of Austria.  His division was the first to cross the Rhine River and also kicked back.  A lot of fighting with many close calls but he never got hit by artillery, mortars, small arms or land mines.  He indicated he  had a guardian angel.  Ken received the Silver and Bronze Stars for gallantry and valor when he personally, under intense fire, dragged several of his wounded men out of further danger.  He also received a battle field promotion and the combat infantry badge.  Ken was one of the highest decorated veterans at Lexington.

He and his wife, Vivian, lived in the Estate Homes.

Ken Rose passed away at his summer home in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin on November 26, 2003.  He was 83. Ken will be buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.




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